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Easily share text from your android phone to pc and from pc to phone

Hi guys, in this post i would like to introduce you to one of my apps which could help you in easily transferring text from your android phone to a pc or any other device which has a web browser. So without further ado, we will checkout the app.

The app is called Reader'S Checkpoints (RSC) and you can download it for free from playstore by clicking the below button
Get it on Google Play


Once you have finished installing the app, you can select a random text from any other app like google chrome, notes app or any other app which allows you to copy text.

"SEND TO PC" option appears after installing Reader's Checkpoints(RSC)

Now, once you select the text, you will see one more option along with copy, paste options. This new new option will be "SEND TO PC" as shown in above image. This option comes as part of Reader'S Checkpoints (RSC) app.

Once you click this option the QR code scanner will open. Now open the website and scan the QR code that appears on this website using the scanner that just appeared on your smartphone.

As a result of the scan, the selected text will be instantly shared to your pc's web browser


First of all copy some random text on your pc and then head over to the website In the website click on "SEND TEXT TO PHONE"

Now you will see a field to enter the text which needs to be send to your android phone, paste the copied random text here and then click on generate QR, a random QR code will be generated which we will need to scan from our Reader'S Checkpoints (RSC) app, as a result of which the copied text will be available in our android phone instantly.

Inorder to scan the qr code from our app, first of all fire open Reader'S Checkpoints (RSC) app,  then click on add new note "+" icon on the bottom, and the in the further screen that appears click on the pc icon that is present on the top right corner to fire open the qr code scanner as shown below.

You can see that the text from your pc has been share to your android phone as soon as the scan is complete.

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