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Loading images using picasso library in android

In this tutorial we are about to load image in recyclerview using picasso library as shown in the following gif
images loaded in recyclerview using picasso library

In this tutorial we will be parsing the following json array example into a recyclerview along with the images
You can check the json file here
Update internet permission in AndroidManifest.xml as shown below
Add the dependencies for cardview,design,retrofit,converter-gson and picasso in your app level build.gradle as shown below
Please make sure that you add the dependencies in app level build.gradle itself and not project level build.gradle like depicted below

build.gradle files

Create model class like shown below
Create recyclerview adapter
Here we have used


to load the image into car_img using Picasso library. Also I have implemented a filter method in the above adapter class which you can use to integrate a search feature in the above recyclerview - you may check this tutorial to integrate search feature inside recyclerview.

create activity file
Since we have to parse a json array example, we have used List<CarItem> as response parameter type in retrofit callback methods as shown above. If we were parsing a json object example, we would have to set CarItem as response parameter type.
Now create the resource files


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