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Android image slideshow/image carousel using viewpager

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to implement a slideshow of images which rotates its slides on its own. These image carousels/slideshows find their use when we want to showcase our products, suppose we are running an e-commerce app. It can also be used to update recent events, live updates etc. Providing a slide show of selected items within your app can allow easy and fast access to them.

Now let us look into some coding part :

We will be doing a slide show of cars in this tutorial. So we will have to define some attributes for our car objects. So create a model for the car object as shown below:
Now we will need to pre-populate an arraylist of the above model so that we could easily pass it into the slideshow. In order to create a slide show, we will be using a viewpager. We then use a handler to slide the items in viewpager automatically. Now open up your file and make the following changes.
As shown above you will need to create a viewpager and obviously, an adapter for this viewpager. We then pass the arraylist with the car objects to the adapter like shown in populateSlides() method and finally set the adapter to the viepager like this viewPager.setAdapter(pagerAdapter); .
Now you can create like shown below
You have successfully created an image carousel of cars, try running the project now!
You can download the complete source code here 

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